Cape office Furniture offers you a wide variety of office chair solutions in Cape Town. Choose from a variety of fabrics to match your office decor or corporate colours. Our vast range includes typist, operators, managerial, executive and visitor's chairs. Most of our chairs include synchro mechanisms and adjustable arms which add comfort and support, especially when seated for long periods of time.

Not all chairs are the same, the added features do make a difference to your comfort levels and the correct posture while in a seated position is key to your health and productivity. Speak to our sales staff to guide you as to what seating solution will work best for you. We'll have you sitting ergonomically correct in no time at all.

Appollo Highback Office Chair

Appollo Highback

Appollo Midback Office Chair

Appollo Midback

Artemis Midback Office Chair

Artemis Midback

Athena Visitors Chair

Athena Visitors

Lunar Eames Highback Chair

Lunar Eames Highback

Lunar Eames Visitors Chair

Lunar Eames Visitors

Falcon Highback Office Chair

Falcon Highback

Falcon Visitors Chair

Falcon Visitors

ICO Operators Chair

ICO Operators

ICO Visitors Chair

ICO Visitors

Titan Midback Operators Office Chair

Titan Midback Operators

Titan Visitors Chair

Titan Visitors

Ergo Highback Office Chair

Ergo Highback Operators

Ergo Visitors Office Chair

Ergo Visitors

Twist Operators Chair

Twist Operators

Twist Visitors Chair

Twist Visitors

Wall Street Highback Executive Office Chair

Wall Street Highback Exec

Wall Street Midback Executive Office Chair

Wall Street Midback Exec

Wall Street Visitors Executive

Wall Street Visitors Exec

Zeus Midback Office Chair

Zeus Midback