Bulk Filers are widely used in open plan office spaces, filing rooms and storage rooms. The itelligent design concept such as moving or mobile shelving system, has led to it's popularity in the modern office environment.

Our Bulk Filing system will offer the same amount of storage in about half of the space required by traditional static shelving. The more bays the bulking filing system has, the more the space saving percentage.

Before placing an order, please consider the following:

  1. The size of your bulk filer needs to be considered based on the space available and ceiling height, along with your filing requirements.
  2. The depth of your bays must be comnsidered, eiher 360mm or 400mm deep.
  3. The outer cladding can either be metal or melamine. Click here to select various melamine finishes.
  4. The internal filing components to suite your filing needs to be planned.
  5. The floor for the bulk filer must be able to carry the weight.

Bulk Filer Storage

Bulk Filer

Bulk Filer Cape Town

Bulk Filer (Dotted Steel Cladding)

Bulk Filers in Cape Town

Bulk Filer (Melamine Cladding)

6 Tier Shelving for Bulk Filer

Internal Shelving

Height Adjustable Shelving For Bulk Filer

Height Adjustable Shelving

Pull Out Draws for Bulk Filer

Cradle For Hanging Files

Pull Our Cradle for Bulk Filer

Pull Out Draws


Each of these components has a specific function:

  • Shelf - for general use.
  • Shelf Dividers - for general book or file support.
  • Pull Out Cradle - for top retrieval of a4 suspension files.
  • Suspension Cradle - for Foolscap front retrieval files.
  • Lockable Stationery Drawer - for office stationery.
  • Pull Out Working Shelf - for general use.
  • Lockable Shelf Door - for securing valuable items.
  • Wire Rack - generally to stabilize lateral files.